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Agricultural innovation and sustainable production


Our agro-industrial company is dedicated to the extensive agricultural production of grains, legumes, textiles and plant oils, and to the industrialisation of soybeans in order to produce bioenergy and animal nutrition products.




Our roots in NW Argentina,
our market around the WORLD

The company exploits a total of 29,000 planted hectares distributed in north-western Argentina, in fields located in the provinces of Tucumán, Catamarca, Salta and Santiago del Estero, where our agroenergy industrial plant is also situated.

Productive proccess

We work towards adding value to the primary production of the Argentine fields.


Responsible Management

Good Agricultural Practices

We work on managing a long-term sustainable production system which means implementing specific actions that promote a balance between productivity, profitability and environmental protection in our estates, thus providing safe and high-quality products based on regulations concerning responsible production throughout our production process.


Biodiversity Protection

We have georeferenced plots in our fields with the aim of monitoring and controlling the flora and fauna of the native woodland areas preserved in our agricultural units.

We have established improvement measures for restoring natural habitats inside our estates and improving their quality and connectivity. Moreover, we have aimed to reduce threats to the fauna by implementing a greater hunting and access control.

Waste Management

Taking actions towards a world without waste

We are committed to considerably reducing the characteristic waste generation of production processes by adopting waste treatment practices, such as:

  • Waste Segregation Devices.
  • Training in Correct Waste Sorting.
  • Special Hazardous Waste Treatment
  • Specific Organic Waste Treatment through Composting

Fundación Vicente Lucci

Started in 2003, the Foundation aims at strengthening the rural communities of the Argentinian Northwest, by answering some of the innumerable social and educational needs of the region. Through our own training programmes, which are related to subjects such as Values, Health, the Environment, Human Rights, Child Labour, Entrepreneurship and Labour Market Integration, we seek to strengthen the comprehensive development of children, youngsters, adults and their communities.

Nature is perfect, but we had to add something to it