Viluco belongs to Grupo Lucci and works with the synergy of the business group to add value to the primary production of the Argentine countryside. Dedicated to soybean crushing and biodiesel production, it has the only plant of this type in the region, equipped with cutting-edge technology. Its primary productions are located in strategic points of the Argentine Northwest (NOA), where it produces soybeans, corn, wheat, sorghum, beans, cotton and chickpea. Among its objectives, the company set out to develop products with higher added value or specialties to capture differentials that do not support commodities, such as Hi Pro soybean meal.

Viluco is a leader in food efficiency. For more than a year it has been dedicated to the development, production and marketing of animal nutrition products. Its portfolio offers mineral vitamin premixes, protein concentrates and balanced foods that, in its three bovine, swine and poultry lines, meet the nutritional needs at each stage of production. The regionality of its products offers a close, reliable and of excellence that proposes more profitability, provides a simplified management of food, ensures nutritional quality and constant supply for livestock establishments. In addition, it offers professional advice in the area.

“We seek to position ourselves as a provider of comprehensive food solutions and thus offer more opportunities to the NOA producer”, comments Pablo Cianci, general manager of Viluco, stating that these products are already available in the market.

The company offers the elaboration of special formulas on demand , managing to meet the specific needs of the producers when making custom food and according to their recipes. It also provides its customers with a permanent food quality monitoring service through the implementation of Viluco Lab and its specialized human resources. In its laboratory equipped with the latest technology, it offers analysis services applied to both the ingredients and the final products. In this way it ensures the highest quality standards in its products.

The growth of animal fattening in the Argentine Northwest (NOA) is the activity that gives sustenance to the Viluco industrial plant, by adding value in the region.

“To the extent that Viluco manages to market its products in the NOA, the economic activity of the plant will be more sustainable, while contributing to regional development”

Pablo Cianci
General manager of Viluco

This is about boosting the productive capacities of the Viluco plant, aiming to develop products that promote the growth of regional economies.

A project for local development

Taking into account the importance of the development of animal fattening in NOA for Grupo Lucci, Viluco and Vicente Lucci Foundation face the Regional Livestock Entrepreneurship Program. This program emerges as a project based on the enormous potential of the Argentine Northwest for animal fattening. Currently, NOA is a major producer of primary foods, while much of the meat consumed is imported from other regions of the country. At the same time it is important to note that NOA has the cheapest food in Argentina, given its distance from the port.

The program has been developed since August 2017, in conjunction with 15 public and private institutions. It has the objective of supporting the growth and development of small and medium producers thus contributing to the promotion of animal fattening in the region.

“There are activities in the NOA, such as swine, that do not have a cluster that integrates the small producers that develop it. The program tries to provide producers with training and tools that allow them to grow and improve their ventures” explains Pablo Cianci regarding the program, making it clear that at the same time that animal nutrition products are developed and offered, tools are provided for take advantage of these foods in favor of the growth of regional economies.

Viluco expands its portfolio

Bovine line: This year Viluco expanded the bovine line by including specific products for dairy activity and cabins. With these new products, the complete nutrition of cattle is covered, from fattening to rearing, including cabin, feedlot and dairy.

Swine line : covers and offers new specific products for all stages of pig farming. These products add to protein concentrates are present since the launch of the animal nutrition project.

Bird Line: will be fully developed in 2019. It is the third line of products in the portfolio.